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Our Privacy Policy


Our Commitment to Preserve Customer Privacy

In order to better serve our customers and their concerns, our company requests certain personal information pertaining to his/her personal and financial status. Our customers may be concerned as to why and how the information will be utilized. Therefore, we agree to disclose the customer as to how we will exploit their personal information that they dispense to us on their behalf. This Privacy Policy guarantees that the handling of personal customer information given to the company will only be governed under certain personnel for contract and business purposes. “TO HELP A FREIND IN NEED; TO BE A FRIEND IN NEED”


This privacy policy authorizes us to dictate any information which is provided to us by the customer. It does not administer the manner in which we may use information obtained through public record, host, or a third-party. Our company has recognized these guidelines as the Civil Information Principle, a copy of which can be found on our website.

Terms and Conditions

Classification of Information

Every customer requests different services, so depending on the type of service the customer chooses to adopt, the collection of nonpublic personal information we collect will vary and may include the following:

-Any information accessed from you on application, through writing, over the phone, in person, and any form of way

-Information about your history with our company

-Information we receive from a customer reporting agency

Handling of Information

We request information from you for strict business purposes. It is our right to only use that information in conducting business affairs. Therefore, NO information will be released to any third-part members, or nonaffiliated parties; except under the enforcement of law and in order for us to provide the service/product to you as requested. We may however store certain customer information for recorded purposes, future customer service enhancement purposes, and customer analysis.

*All former customers have the right to know that this privacy policy still applies to them, even though the contract has been terminated.

Confidentiality & Preservation

We will take into consideration of the confidentiality of your personal information, and ensure that no unauthorized party gains any of that personal information. We will also make sure our employees are trained to restrict any information to other unauthorized party or individual. Our company promises that your information will be handled responsibly, officially, and in accordance to this privacy policy.

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